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Monday, February 17, 2014

Global digital multi-media marketing solutions

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Get Linked from thousands of Classifieds for FREE with one click.

OOCommunications is a global digital multi -media integrated marketing solutions provider. We conducts our marketing business through our brandssubsidiaries and affiliates delivering first class professional services to our global customers in realms of advertising, marketing and public relations, market and marketingresearch, branding, sales promotions, publicity, sponsorship and events marketing and other related integrated advertising and strategic marketing management services used daily by thousands of individuals, families, Entrepreneurs, Small businesses, corporations and service organizations worldwide.

The Company boasts one of the industry’s leading membership loyalty offers. The Gold Member Package, the most powerful suite of Free Traffic Exchange System tools you can use to promote your business and start making sales right away and a great income opportunity, includes access to many high-impact advertising channels and multiplies your chances of getting sales and Renewable Ad Service allowing members to earn Banner Impression Credits ads displayed that if visitor clicked on your affiliate link to get to our site or signed up as an affiliate with you as their sponsor.

Traffic Exchange Credits advertising each month on Traffic Exchange Network Opt-in List Builder. The starting point is Free ad  (free account creation) that take your business to the next level by using  Free Website Offer ,The powerful tool of Free Email Offer  and Learn powerful tactics for 5 Day Free Website Success Course.

Free Downloads from our Business Resource Library. $1200.00+ worth of downloads, Adland Digest Info . Banner advertising on Affiliate Custom Pages whom you sponsored, Advertising in Adland Digest Each of these pages dynamically draws your ads from our database and displays them to hundreds of people each day.

Search Engine Submissions and gain access to the URL tracker tools to track your promotions which saves you money in the long run by showing you campaigns that are profitable and those that are not. You will know the number of hits, referrers, and browser types of all advertising services run in newsletters of your choice, ads submitted to other classifieds sites, Paid Keyword Advertising or directories and be able to react accordingly to changing conditions. 

Maintain a Consistent Relationship With Customers  with  unlimited follow-up autorespondersand help you build your mailing list, for which we will provide the content and Free Toolbar to generate and access all our services. Professionally written articles, sent once a week to the subscribers who joined the list from your reference will have each member waiting for your newsletter every week. 

Marketing to Personal Development and Over 50 books available that will help catapult your business and your personal life into success. Currency Converter and more...  Make a fortune on the internet, improve your website and get more sales. It's all in the business library and read the Testimonials of success stories.