Sunday, September 29, 2013

Income or Wealth based Personal Freedom?‏

The traditional western way of thinking is that you work 40+ years, invest some of your income and then retire financially independent. This method of thinking is a wealth based strategy and the truth is that very few are achieving this lofty goal. I would suggest you consider income based independence so you can achieve personal freedom now! The idea is that you focus on building your own internet business and creating multiple income streams. When your income from multiple sources surpasses what you need to live you can then choose freedom! I know cash-flow or income based personal freedom works because I've been doing it for well over 20 years. You can do it also if you make "your" personal freedom a priority and then you focus! - Leon McKee

Do you want to work for 40 years or more to make $40,000 a year or less just so you can retire on 40% of what wasn't enough in the first place?
Imagine owning a profitable home business that you could start today WITHOUT:
- Technical know-how, - Large capital investment or overhead, - Jeopardizing your current career, - Any of the headaches of owning a traditional business.
What if all the tools and techniques were provided for you instantly with simple-to-follow, step-by-step instructions? What if I told you it was FREE to join with NO obligation whatsoever! Interested?
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